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Whether you are a joyrider, commuter, camper or trekker, Ride Place has a range of quality eBikes for every occasion. If you have trouble deciding, please check out our "Decisions" information below to find your perfect ride.

Ride Place introduces E.T Cycle F1000 Foldable Fat Tyre eBike

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  • E.T. Cycle F1000 Fat Tyre eBike

    Flexible Fat Tyre

    We love the flexibility this fabulous E.T. Cycle F1000 Fat Tyre offers. It's got lots of oomph, gives plenty of torque, can be ridden on-road and trails and looks HOT! This is an e-bike for all age groups. We also love the folding feature. Great to put in the back of a caravan for those weekend getaways. If you are looking for something smaller check out the Paris Plus.

  • NCM Miami Cruiser eBike

    Comfortable Cruiser

    If you are looking for a stylish cruiser with a comfortable, laid back sitting position, the Miami Cruiser is for you. Great for weekend rides, commuting, a quick dash to the shops or family rides. Don't underestimate the sleek design. The Miami packs plenty of punch and will have you riding up to 150kms on a single charge.

  • NCM Milano + eBike

    Elegant Step Through

    The NCM Milano Plus is an elegant step-through eBike inspired by the fashion capital of Europe - Milan. Weighing in at 27 kilos the Milano Plus is one of the lighter eBikes in the range. This classy eBike offers a range of premium features including a super comfy saddle for those who enjoy taking long rides. If you prefer a crossbar check out the Venice Plus

  • NCM Moscow M3 eBike

    Rugged Mountain eBike

    The Moscow M3 is next level! A sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight eBike the Moscow M3 has an integrated battery and custom front light that helps shine a line on your ride. There is even a USB port with 5V to charge your mobile phone. The Moscow M3 will take you comfortably from business or study to pleasure.

  • NCM C7 eBike

    Minimalist Design Commuter

    The NCM C7 may be minimalist in design however you lose nothing in performance. It's a fully equipped eBike for designed for city commutes. With extra-large battery capacity getting home at the end of the day is a breeze. Suited for riders who enjoy a traditional road bike with the support of power when you need it.

  • NCM Venice + eBike

    Stylish Runaround

    If you like the specs of the NCM Milano Plus but prefer a design with a crossbar, the Venice Plus is your ride. Stylish and lightweight it's the perfect city runaround bike. The Venice Plus also comes with a useful rack to the rear for carrying your fur baby or shopping. There is even a built-in USB port to charge your phone.

  • Cargo Carrier

    Children, pets, groceries or business tools, there's a cargo bike for every purpose. Electric cargo bikes make it easier to ride children to school, take dogs on fun rides or get to where you are going with whatever you need. We have a small selection of cargo bikes in our store. We can access many more depending on your needs.

  • Terrific Trike

    Tricycles are a simply terrific way to get around. Enjoy the benefit of three-wheel stability with an electric motor for power when you need it. Trikes are fabulous as a cargo carrier and will move kids, dogs, shopping, parcels, beach gear or golf clubs easily. Leave your car at home and take your trike out for a ride instead!